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Welcome to the AI in Education podcast

With Dan Bowen from Microsoft Australia and Ray Fleming from InnovateGPT

It's a fortnightly chat about Artificial Intelligence in Education - what it is, how it works, and the different ways it is being used. It's not too serious, or too technical, and is intended to be a good conversation of background information.

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“This podcast is produced by a Microsoft Australia & New Zealand employee, alongside an employee from InnovateGPT. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are our own.”

Oct 16, 2019

Major advances in Artificial Intelligence are the ability of computers to understand text and speech, comprehend information, and respond to users. And an area that's becoming more obvious to us is 'intelligent agents' or chatbots, where we can have a fairly normal chat conversation and get information delivered to in a natural way. They talk about the impact on students, when future careers will be changed by chatbots.

Dan talks about bots he's built with schools in the past, whilst Ray begs somebody to build a "Why did I come in here?" bot. More seriously, they talk about ways that they are providing support for students, and Ray talks about why he doesn't agree with the Silicon Valley view that we can replace teachers with bots and other forms of AI.

Dan mentions Q & A Maker, which is a Microsoft bot service you can find at, and Ray talks about the work with bots being done at UNSW that is supporting students in their learning journey, and there's more on that UNSW case study here