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Welcome to the AI in Education podcast

With Dan Bowen, Beth Worrall, and Lee Hickin from Microsoft Australia

It's a fortnightly chat about Artificial Intelligence in Education - what it is, how it works, and the different ways it is being used. It's not too serious, or too technical, and is intended to be a good conversation of background information.

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“This podcast is produced by Microsoft Australia & New Zealand employees, Lee Hickin, Dan Bowen, and Beth Worrall. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are our own.”

Oct 2, 2019

In this week's episode, continuing our journey on exploring Artificial Intelligence in Education, we talk about the common AI services. We talk about chatbots (or 'conversational agents'), predictive analytics, and making sense of student and campus data . 

We also discuss how Artificial Intelligence services are getting easier to use every day, and becoming part of every day life - like expecting to talk to our phone and it can understand us. We also attempt some long words - like pedagogy and data democratisation - and how it relates to artifical intelligence. And we disagree with some of the thinking of Silicon Valley gurus on the use of AI in education, and whether there's a risk of turning students into data objects.