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Welcome to the AI in Education podcast

With Dan Bowen from Microsoft Australia and Ray Fleming from InnovateGPT

It's a fortnightly chat about Artificial Intelligence in Education - what it is, how it works, and the different ways it is being used. It's not too serious, or too technical, and is intended to be a good conversation of background information.

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“This podcast is produced by a Microsoft Australia & New Zealand employee, alongside an employee from InnovateGPT. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are our own.”

May 23, 2024

This week we continue our series on Assessment and AI. Ray talks with Jason Lodge from The University of Queensland, and who must have the longest business card in Australia, as he's Associate Professor of Educational Psychology in School of Education and Deputy Associate Dean in the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences!


The conversation talks about the challenges of assessment, and the options for rethinking assessment - and then we go deeper into Jason's views on the future of learning and assessment.


Jason's a great guest to share his experiences, as during 2023 he was on the TEQSA group of experts that came together to produce a report on assessment for Australian universities, Assessment reform for the age of artificial intelligence


Working on policy and guidance in an area where technology is developing so rapidly - and students are racing ahead of institutions, was interesting and Jason talks about the group dynamic. One of the interesting notes he talks about is the mindset: "The mantra we kept returning to is that we weren't trying to develop a map, but a compass. This is the direction we think we might need to head here."