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Welcome to the AI in Education podcast

With Dan Bowen from Microsoft Australia and Ray Fleming from InnovateGPT

It's a fortnightly chat about Artificial Intelligence in Education - what it is, how it works, and the different ways it is being used. It's not too serious, or too technical, and is intended to be a good conversation of background information.

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“This podcast is produced by a Microsoft Australia & New Zealand employee, alongside an employee from InnovateGPT. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are our own.”

May 30, 2024

Research Update - 31st May 2024

Honestly folks, we've been trying to keep. We really have. But we have so much great content in the fortnightly (or is it bi-weekly?) interviews, that we've had to bite the bullet and switch to weekly podcasts, so that we can still fit in the Research Updates!

Going forwards you'll get a longer interview-style podcast once every two weeks, and a shorter 15-20 minute "Research Update" podcast every two weeks. Filling your Fridays with AI in Education podcast joy!

Here's the links to all the research papers discussed this week:

Remote Proctoring: Understanding the Debate


Large language model-powered chatbots for internationalizing student support in higher education


ChatGPT in Veterinary Medicine: A Practical Guidance of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Clinics, Education, and Research


Investigation of the effectiveness of applying ChatGPT in Dialogic Teaching Using Electroencephalography


An Exploratory Study on Upper-Level Computing Students' Use of Large Language Models as Tools in a Semester-Long Project


An MIT Exploration of Generative AI

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - have just published a series of really interesting papers about the impact of generative AI on  a number of industries, and dive into the implications for society, education, human interaction and other areas. I actually think the whole set are interesting - and they're really easy to get - you can read them on the web, or get a PDF, an ebook, or even an audio book of every one!


We talked about the 3 education ones:

When Disruptive Innovations Drive Educational Transformation: Literacy, Pocket Calculator, Google Translate, ChatGPT

r/ChatGPT - 1988: Math teachers protest against calculator use. 2023: Teachers protest against ChatGPT use.


Generative AI and K-12 Education: An MIT Perspective


Generative AI and Creative Learning: Concerns, Opportunities, and Choices